About us

There are some brands born of dreams, some that happen spontaneously, and then there are some like Jordan Perera Brand that are born out of courage. The need of expression, of understanding, and of a need for a life line. Jordan Perera founded his brand in 2021 after years of arduous battle with mental health. Those who understand and share in similar battles know that the war is never done, but that does not mean defeat. It means you learn how to win the battles whenever they happen. Each piece of Jordan’s collection represents a victory against the darkness. They are a message, not only for those with their own battles, but for everyone to know that they can also be victorious in anything they are fighting against. These exceptional, limited creations are born out of unique stories that Jordan wants to share with you. This isn’t only an apparel brand, it is a living story of how Jordan made it through tough times and he welcomes you to join in that story with him. When we are able to express ourselves, share in our experiences, connect with one another, and respect each other’s uniqueness the world becomes a little less dark and those battles are a little easier to win.